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Don't forget where you came from...

Enlightenment received while listening to the radio.

Last week I went to feed my sister's horses then I got into my car, switched on the radio and the presenter was sharing this particular quote: "Don't forget where you came from otherwise you can't go home."

I totally missed the context but it made me wonder about what message it carries for me. Five minutes later I already had a meeting planned so I gave all the credit to synchronicity as there were various events leading up to this very moment of switching on the radio.

I believe this quote has multiple meanings depending on who is the listener. For a religious person this could mean returning to heaven by leading a life of a good person. Or for a more rational person this could simply mean to know your roots, your values, and to love & honor your family. As for me, I felt like it was saying to reconnect with my authentic self deep down under those multiple layers of EGO concepts that I am currently seeing the world through.

I need to reconnect with that pure being I once was right after I arrived to this world. A spirit being full of curiosity, love and unconditional happiness. I say unconditional happiness as we have so much pressure weighing on our shoulders. It's difficult to simply detach and reconnect when we have all these obligations to fulfill on a daily basis. We are on auto-pilot most of the day driven by our EGO concepts.

I realized that I miss being the pilot and I simply miss myself. I have to make time for me. To do so, I need to declutter my life! This process includes decluttering my workload (by prioritizing!), my flat and my relationships. Time to ask what/who is serving my development and what or who isn't?!

To be able to stay truthful and honest, my authentic self needs to be the pilot when going through it all.

I suggest that you do a little decluttering yourself. Once you free up space and energy, just become the observer and witness how new and fresh things start arriving into your life. 

Have a sunny week filled with newly-found adventures by taking the pilot seat back! #happyjudit