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Stand up for what you believe in

What world lives within you?

I look out my window and it is so foggy that I can barely see the rooftop of my neighbor's house but I decided not to dip my soul into the grayness of what today's weather has to offer.

I'd rather smile as I think of my last weekend. I am so grateful that I spent time supporting my Mom's big event and baking my favorite Italian dish for my grandparents. It tasted nothing like the one in Calabria last summer but we gathered around it anyways and talked about old times and what's currently happening in the world.

We discussed a movie I watched that was set in Scotland in the 1300s. Those were scary times in which you could be hanged for some made up reason or simply cut in half or both.

Despite all these threats however, some heroes still went against the oppression and rebelled, conquered or died in the name of freedom they believed in so strongly.

This made me wonder and I asked myself: What do I believe in so strongly that I could fight for it - in our modern world with my voice or pen...not swords! :)

Family and friends of course but beyond that? What is the thread that connects my days?

Faith of...? Love of...?

Lisa Nichols once said: You have to stand up for the cause you believe in. You have to own it then use your voice to communicate it.

Although I have lots of ideas I'm still uncertain of my 'strongest most dominant' cause so I decided to dedicate this week to ponder. If you feel like it, join this quest and look for YOUR cause! Then feel free to share your journey with me under this post.

"It doesn't matter what world you live in; what really matters is the world that lives within you." - what is the light that wants to shine through you in this world and this time?

Have a lovely day & happy pondering! #happyjudit