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I have been passionate about psychology and understanding the human psyche since high school. I pursued my passion by acquiring a BA(Hons) in Psychology and an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology in the UK.

I started positive psychology coaching two years ago. My initial sessions were reviewed by professional coaches and my exam materials are currently being used as excellent examples for educational purposes.

Besides my private practice, I coach and mediate in a preschool where I also run a positive psychology program for children. They call me 'happyjudit' which inspired the name of my coaching practice.

In the past 15 years, I participated in numerous personal development trainings, workshops and lectures. I make sure to integrate these teachings into my practices.

My teachers include:

Darnel Christian (breakthrough), Mabel Katz (reconciliation & forgiveness), Dr. Itai Ivtzan (mindfulness & awareness), Lisa Nichols (abundance & transformation), Sonja Lyubomirsky (happiness), Csíkszentmihályi Mihály (flow), Nagy Gabriella & Nagyernyei K. Gyula (Enneagram personality system), Shelly Bullard (healthy relationships) and so on. 

However, my biggest influencer was
Dr. Wayne Dyer (1940-2015), who unfortunately, I did not have a chance to meet.

I believe that communication is the backbone of our relationships and improving our communication skills leads to a more fulfilling life. By joining the Budapest Toastmasters, I have now become a confident public speaker and give speeches regularly.


Based on over a decade of trainings and psychology education, my coaching practice now combines: positive psychology, effective personality theories, and various self-improvement tools that can help you grow and achieve your personal goals.  

Discover your journey to see which areas of life you may develop with my guidance.

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